Luck@it Business

Luck@it is a principal operator of Limited Payout Machines (LPM’s) in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Luck@it manages an established network of sites that operate LPM’s according to responsible gambling principals.

Rich in industry experience, Luck@it’s reputation and industry prestige are synonymous with quality, efficiency and excellence in Limited Payout Machines and gambling services for small businesses and small business owners. Luck@it creates the opportunity for you to enter the exciting gambling industry with no immediate capital outlay.

As a Route Operator Luck@it is licensed to manage LPM’s that offer players a maximum bet of R5.00 and a maximum jackpot of up to R500.00 per spin. We operate in partnership with site owners on a profit-sharing basis, providing each site owner with a dedicated and comprehensive gaming service from the set up and delivery of the machines to the maintenance and upkeep of the technology installed on the gaming devices. This is all carried out with a minimal amount of hassle, and is done free of charge. Site owner’s pay nothing for hosting the gambling equipment and are entitled to profit share from the gaming machines. Luck@it LPM’s can be found at a variety of entertainment establishments from pubs, bars, taverns, bookmakers and clubs to hotels and other adult entertainment venues.

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